Here are just a few ways PATH can help you run your business like you always wanted


Keep your salespeople focused and organized with PATH working as your “virtual assistant”


With a comprehensive view of job history, including documentation, job costings and photos


Workflows are designed to achieve on-time order deliveries and invoicing accuracy like never before


Record service calls, photos and new services from the field, and track service parts orders


Use reports to create targeted training, gentle reminders, and notes for streamlined communication


To minimize loss of key personnel, with PATH, your sales information and history belongs to you


I’ll be honest—I don’t love computers. What I do like about PATH is my team can deliver on what I sell, and we can stay organized. PATH makes it easy for me to sell more.

Charlie B.
Outside Sales

Coming from the infrastructure construction industry, I was used to having tools and systems for getting things done. PATH | ERP is the kind of system that makes a difference, and it is built specifically for our window and door dealership!

Jason B.
Inside Sales

I worked for a large company in appliance service and saw how the system allowed for great customer service. When I decided to join my W&D supplier as a key service person, I stepped into a busy environment. We have been making PATH into the kind of system that allows us to service at a higher level, with more profit.

Joel B.
Service Manager

As a driver and warehouse team member, I see things that can improve what we do. I see my suggestions getting tested and included in our PATH system, and it makes me feel proud to be part of the team.

Logan F.

I sit in the center of everything at our dealership—accounting, scheduling, and communications. I need accurate information to give customers, and PATH lets me do that quickly, while I have them on the phone.

Sheri H.

Running a fast-changing custom dealership is like riding a wild bull–things can change directions quickly. PATH | ERP has given us the ability to create new business segments and manage them in the unique ways we run our business. We value PATH’s ability to be different for our Commercial Division than it is for our Retail Division, for instance, as these business segments are run in very different ways. We appreciate that PATH | ERP grows and adapts with us and with new technology, because our entire business depends on it.

Mark E.

PATH | ERP has given our commercial team a central place to bid, track, sell, and manage projects that can take years at a time to mature and manage. The quick and friendly response of the PATH support team is amazing, and the ability to continue to improve our business in PATH means we are getting better constantly.

Steve H.
Commercial Architecture Consultant

I have been involved in the W&D business at the manufacturing level, and now for several years at the dealer level, and having a system that supports the heavy workload that dealers face is vital. The PATH | ERP team listens and continues to makes the system work for us, so we can keep improving our service to customers.

Renee M.
Residential Sales Support

We needed a system that could be customized to effectively manage our specification/sales cycle, then move to multi-truckload job management. PATH | ERP does just that and gets better as our team finds new ways to develop our systems.

Matt M.
Commercial Sales Manager

I rely on PATH to help me keep track of where every service is in the process, and to reduce the time it takes me to submit information to manufacturers. I love the automatic notification to builders and contractors that their service has been completed– a real time save for me, and a valued service for them.

Dawn C.
Service Manager


PATH is a secure cloud-based system that works on mobile devices, tablets and desktops of all types. It functions as a powerful “central nervous system” for your company…and it’s nothing like you’ve seen before!


PATH is a secure cloud-based system that works on mobile devices, tablets and desktops of all types. It functions as a powerful “central nervous system” for your company…and it’s nothing like you’ve seen before!


Keep Jobs Organized – With our interactive dashboard you can keep your eye on all of your job sites in real time
Communicate With Your Team – Stay up to date in real time as your employees navigate their day-to-day
Monitor Financial Reports – Review job costings and assess financial gains through our easy-to-read graphic models
Track Your Schedules – Get a bird’s eye view of where you and everyone in your company will be in a given week


  1. PATH | ERP is built and installed for you, while you focus on building your company and increasing your sales/profits. It becomes a living structure, continually being improved by your team’s feedback.
  2. PATH | ERP is, from the ground up, knitted out of the yarn that is your company, so your people continue to do the work they are used to, with the names and procedures you have always used. No other system can do this.
  3. PATH | ERP streamlines all work by creating easy to use Pathways.Users answer the right questions at the right time, select from lists, upload forms and photos, get reminders when it matters, and have work done for them in the background.
  4. PATH | ERP connects with 700 other APPS—no obsolescence, no redundant entry, and a team that has the experience and knowledge to tie it all together.
  5. PATH | ERP is the only system designed and installed by W&D Specialists for W&D Specialists. Best practices, vital metrics, new methods, regulatory compliance, manufacturer connections, and industry-leading ideas cross-pollinate continually to bring ongoing value to the platform.

PATH works alongside your current accounting system, so you don’t have to switch.

PATH allows you to keep using MS365, or Gmail/Gcal if you are using those tools. The PATH calendar syncs with both systems, and PATH email is designed to work well with both.

PATH is cloud based, so you don’t have to install software or manage any servers. Since it operates using a web browser, you have the flexibility to use it on desktops, laptops, Surface Pros, iPads, MACs, tablets, and smartphones.

PATH has the capabilities of CRMs, but it is much more. Because the PATH team creates and installs it for each dealer, it is a complete solution from a single source. Because it is made to work the way your company works, it is easier to learn and use.

Monthly fees cost less than an entry-level employee, and unlike employees, PATH works 24/7, never has a sick day, and never complains! Fees are also simple – no negative “per seat” penalties or restrictions to worry about. ROI is also fast because PATH improves every part of your operations.

Many systems fail because they are too complex to learn and use. Because PATH is built to operate just like your company does now, there is a low barrier to learning. In addition, PATHWAYS are step-by-step assistants built right into PATH that lead your team through their work using your best practices.

Because PATH is focused on Custom Window & Door Dealers, we know the business thoroughly. PATH is typically installed over a two-week period, with one week of on-site discovery and build meetings followed by a week of refining and final adjustments. After two weeks, PATH is used and the team continues to adjust it using feedback built into the system. Full use is typically achieved after one month.



We founded PATH with one mission in mind – to help make your dealership more profitable and easier to manage, giving you more time to do the things you enjoy.

Our company started with the collaboration between a 24 year veteran of the window and door industry and a tech extraordinaire with over two decades of experience in developing and implementing complex software solutions.


Give us a call and we’ll personally show you how we’ve helped our customers streamline their businesses and dramatically increase customer satisfaction, all the while reducing costs and increasing profitability. No sales talk. No gimmicks. Just straight talk from one business owner to another.