Creating a Unique Selling Proposition for Window and Door Dealers

You could have the most professional and reliable products and service and a price that is unbeatable, but no one will ever know about it if they don’t get past your value proposition and understand it right away. You have 60 seconds (or less) to make a great first impression so make sure you have a well-crafted unique selling proposition (USP) that will help you differentiate your business and attract and retain more customers. Also, keep in mind that components of your USP can also be very effectively used for online ad copy, website copy, print material and other places.

Below is template you can use to get started on your value prop (also referred to as an “elevator pitch”). Go ahead and create a great USP but, most importantly, make sure that you are comfortable delivering it by practicing it out loud or with some friends – and feel free to make any changes to the framework below so that it works well with your communication style.


For ________________________ (target customer)

who _______________________ (statement of the need or customer pain point)

< Insert your company name here >

is __________________________ (describe differentiating factor)

that provides ________________________. (mention unique products / service)

Unlike ________________________ (competitor products / service, other dealers)

< Insert your company name here >

is / provides ____________________. (add another differentiating factor / statement of benefit)